Innovative Smokeless HavanKund

Available in three different sizes 8”, 12”, 17”.

Do Yagna without any toxic gases In physical world two basic energy is heat and sound, while performing yagna heat energy from fire and sound energy from mantras blends together to provide spiritual, desired physical and psychological benefits

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Product Details

Various type of samvidha (Materials used in Havan) in the yagna-fire sublimates, fumigate and vaporized to produce ions with positive energy that improves the surrounding atmosphere through mantras & sonic waves. In this modern Kund all these above religious aspects are taken care, this kund generates lowest % of carbon-monoxide and consumes less quantity of yagna material. Samvidha is vaporized and gasified 100% without waste because the temperature attained by the kunda is always above 300°C along with the purified flames upto 1300°C, the Kund is designed from copper pot to get the uniform temperature along with the impact of copper oxygenation which plays vital role in purification of atmosphere. The shape of kund boosts up the combustion process. combustion process in our havankund will not affect the interior of indoor AC, non-AC halls and rooms for marriage ceremonies as it does not produce thick and dense smoke with unwanted fragrance. The daily use of HavanKund with proper ingredients will keep all negativity away from your surroundings along with flies, mosquitoes and such other unwanted insects, it also helps to emits environment friendly gases and radiation to enhance nature cycle.

Product features

  • Copper pot maintains the temperature of the flame
  • Completely burns yagna material
  • Does not produce thick, black, dense fumes
  • Can be used in air-conditioned rooms and halls
  • Can be used daily with the right ingredients to keep away insects
  • Ideal for marriage ceremonies, religious ceremonies, use in small homes and in confined

Technical Details

  •  Dimensions: 8”, 12” and 17”. Size
  • Power source options: adapter (230V AC), solar panel, solar LED lantern, cell chamber
  •  Flame temperature > 300°C; increases up to 1300°C
  • 100% gasification and vaporization of yagna material