Home Security Alarm System

Successfully completed 14,800 installations across the Country since 1985 in bungalows, temples,
schools, colleges, museums, factories, offices, and farm houses etc.

Available in wired and Wireless

Prevent Burglary and violence

Electronic Home Security alarm system that keeps you and your family safe from burglary. This system is 100% customized as per your house requirements and successful running Home Security alarm systems since year 1985.

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Siren system

  • operates with cordless remote-control sensors as well as wire-based sensors
  • system consists of auto-dialer panel
  • components include inside panel, siren, main door sensor, door sensor, window knitting sensor

Shutter siren

  • cost-effective, easy to install and operate
  • can be installed on a shutter or a collapsible door
  • unauthorized entry activates the siren

Door siren

  • can be installed on a main door or a collapsible door
  • unauthorized entry activates the alarm
  • tamper-proof system with a safety locking device
  • facility for entry and exit delay
  • low power consumption
  • additional sensors such as door sensor, vibration sensor, panic sensor, fire sensor can be

Smart sensor

  • stand-alone system
  • wall-mounted
  • works on 230V AC supply
  • detection range up to 12m
  • can be used as welcome light, electricity saving device

Door sensor/Main door sensor

  • used for securing doors and windows
  •  installed on doors or windows
  •  comprises a sensor and field block
  •  high-sensitivity device keeps the alarm active even when there’s a 10 mm gap
  •  unauthorized access sends a message to the control panel to activate the siren and auto-dialer
  •  facility for entry and exit delay

Panic switch

  •  pressing the switch activates emergency alarms
  •  enables quick response in emergency situations

Window knitting sensor

  •  installed on windows or grills
  •  if anyone tries to open or break the window, a sensor sends a message to the control panel to activate the siren and auto-dialer

Multi zone security panel

  •  used for analyzing a particular area by connecting different types of sensors
  •  works on 230V AC supply and rechargeable battery (12V DC)

GSM dialer

  •  Micro-controller based
  •  7/15 programmable as Delay, Immediate, Panic, Fire, Part and Staff
  •  1 dedicated tamper zone
  •  Separate backlit remote key pad with 4-line LCD display
  •  Can connect up to 3 LCD display remote key pads
  •  8/15 relay output to switch on/Off electrical/electronic devices
  •  Automatic arming and disarming at pre-programmed times
  •  Programmable weekly holiday for automatic disarming feature
  •  Inbuilt GSM-based 2 message 15 telephone numbers speech and SMS dialer
  •  Separate intrusion and fire voice messages
  •  Can store 15 telephone numbers each for intrusion and fire messages

EW 20 siren/EW 40 siren

  • can be used as a control panel or independent siren
  •  has rechargeable battery back-up/dry cell facility
  •  tampering activates the siren
  •  power consumption negligible

PIR motion sensor

  •  detects motion
  • unauthorized movement activates control panel and siren
  • digital dual-technology sensor
  • works on 230V DC supply
  • intelligent pet immunity
  • sensing technology eliminates false detection


  •  Dome camera
  •  IR Dome camera
  •  IR Bullet camera
  •  IP camera
  •  Speed dome camera


  •  H.264 video compression
  •  HDMI supported
  •  1920 x 1080 P
  •  3G, Wi-Fi, dongle compatible for mobile viewing, CMS center

Wireless GSM Panel

Gives access for 99 zones for wireless operation with calling and message facility with GSM card. Can be operated with Wi-Fi also. Power backup of 8hrs in standby mode.

Wireless Siren

Portable wireless siren with Light alert and multi-purpose usage for medical emergency through panic switch.

Wireless Door Sensors

Easy to install wireless door sensors with battery life of 12 month. Prevents unauthorizes entry
in premises.

Wireless Panic Switch

A Handy wireless switch Gives alert to siren when pressed by user in any emergency of burglary or medical.

Wireless Remote

Remotely activates and deactivates the wireless alarm system and provides continent operation to user.