Mobile pain reliver wellness device for pain, ulcers, migraine, sports injuries

Relax any time any where

Get instant relief from muscular and bone pain and other wellness problems like open wounds, swellings, pimples etc with Magnora : M-Flux technology

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Advance Magnora PEMF (Pulse Energy Magnetic Flux) is an alterative advance health care device, it’s specialized variable M.Flux relieves pain and treats health with innovative high penetration technology. Variable M.flux stimulates the metabolism, increases the amount of oxygen available to cell, and create a less acidic environment within the body. Condition that can be healed includes arthritis, migraine, stress, mouth and other ulcers, Open wounds and burns, Swelling reduction, inflammation, insomnia, muscle pain and reduce many more disorders and prolongs life. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers it harmless and of no use for medical purpose

Instant Relief from

Muscular & Bone pain

Arthritis of Joint & Spine

Frozen Shoulder & Joints 

Swellings & Diabetic Foot

Migraine & Headache 

Open Wounds & Piles

Burns & External Injuries

 Pimples & Boils

Mouth & Other Ulcers