Reduces algae growth, increases dissolved oxygen levels.

Noise less operation, low maintenance

Fully programmable, comes with a dual-charging system to ensure continuous power supply. No operation costs. The system usually pays for itself within three years. Accessories include diffuser, anchor, PVC pipe and an electronic device for algae and virus control.



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The aerator dissolves oxygen from the air into the water body through a diffuser, thereby enriching and restoring water quality. It also improves microbial action and regulates organic waste.

  • Noise less operation
  • Clog-free system requires no cleaning
  • Solar panel size can be modified to suit your requirement
  • Return on investment is about 3 years
  • Metal ionization option for efficient elimination of algae and bacteria available on request
  • Battery back-up helps the system run for 24 hours
  • Residential and industrial applications possible. Boost production of shrimps, fish and other aquatic animals in aquafarms
  • Suitable for isolated ponds, golf course ponds, and even swimming pools
  • Pack includes oil-less, high-efficiency pump, battery, charge controller, auto controller, water proof solar weather shed
  • External accessories include diffuser, anchor, PVC pipe and an electronic device for algae and virus control

Why use an aerator system?

  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels
  • Stimulates natural microbial growth
  • Eliminates harmful gases
  • Reduces algae growth
  • De-stratifies the water column
  • Low maintenance
  • 24 hour auto run time
  • Facility for using battery power for lighting load
  • Pays for itself


  • Oil-less, high-efficiency pump consumes minimal power for continuous operation
  • Aeration diffuser type: Provision for both tube and disc type
  • Dual charger: Solar and grid charging system
  • Auto controller offers three programming modes: Day, night and 24 hours, eliminating operation costs