For professional training, Braille students, and specially-abled learners.


The Training Education Enhancement System, one of our latest offerings, aims to transform the teaching-learning environment using technology. It offers facility for controlled interaction as well as sharing of digital resources to enhance learning. Suitable for training any group size.

Braille Lab

Country’s first Braille teaching laboratory, designed to teach any number of students at a time. Even teachers unfamilar with Braille can teach using this system. The teacher delivers lessons through a master panel onto each student’s touch pad. The software can be modified for any regional language.

Special Learners Lab

Designed for hearing- and speech-impaired learners. This laboratory helps students improve their communication through matching the teacher’s audio signals using a monitor and video camera. Includes a television screen to display lip and facial movements of the teacher, and facility for recording.


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  • Trainer can make collective announcements or speak with one student at a time
  • Trainee can call the trainer’s attention without disturbing the others
  • Trainee can also speak with fellow trainees
  • Training materials that can be used: cassette, compact disk
  • Battery back-up provision of three hours is available in the event of a power failure
  • Audio as well as visual training facility available
  • The entire room can be provided with coir matting in the walking area for dust and echo protection
  • Exhaust fan is installed for better ventilation
  • The company has entirely a unique concept for articulating, retaining and repeating the words. This facility is through I.C. (solid state recording devices) with the help of tape recorders.

Trainer’s console

  • 3-in-1 cassette tape recorder, DVD player and radio
  • Switch for “all call” announcing facility
  • Switch for monitoring and inter-communication
  • Switch for controlling trainee’s headphone volume
  • Control for volume of room speaker
  • Built-in amplifier for feeding the programme
  • Two light weight headphones for trainer and a guest
  • Indicator detecting booth number of calling trainees
  • Two half back chairs with cushioned seats
  • One stand-by headphone
  • Trainee’s response selector and volume switch
  • Programme/trainee’s response selector for trainee’s headphone
  • Cordless announcement switch for transferring individual trainee’s response to the whole class through the headphone
  • Switch for manual announcement
  • Control for retaining of words having maximum length of 12 seconds
  • Built-in chargeable battery for keeping continuous listing of lessons in case of power failure for three hours

Trainee’s booth

  • Inter-communication set i.e. concealed microphone and headphone
  • Side and front dividing partition. Front partitions and transparent glass and side partitions and made of wood
  • Call buttons for seeking trainer’s help