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Pepl Biostove(Gasification Chulha, Stainless Steel – Xxl)

PEPL Biostove, Revolutionized Biomass Cooking Stove, Smokeless Stove/Chulha, Wood Or Paper Waste Burning Backpacking Stove for Outdoor Hiking Picnic BBQ (Gasification Chulha, Stainless Steel – XXL)

About this item

  • Sturdy & Stable: This camping stove made of durable stainless steel. The windproof serrated cross stand offers a stable platform for your cookware and increases heat contact. This heavy metal stove is 90% Smokeless, 60% Less time consuming and also saved 50% wood
  • Unique Design, Efficient Burning: The wood stove has the double wall & Fan at bottom, which blows cold air directly into burning chamber and Award winning design makes all carbon particles burn inside, thus significantly improve burning efficiency & Makes it Smokeless
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY UNLIMITED FUEL: Use the twigs, leaves, branches, wood as fuel to cook a meal on your hike, Leaving no chemical emissions behind. Eliminates the need to carry heavy, polluting and expensive canister fuels
  • OPEN MOUTH DESIGN: Easy to add fuel. Get rid of inconvenience of keep lifting up the cooking pot/pan to add more fuel when using the old version top-loader stoves
  • DURABLE & STURDY: Crafted with high quality stainless steel which can stand high temperature and weight. Breaks down and combine to be a really compact cylinder that fits in the car boot space for easy carrying for hiking or camping. Total weight is Only 7.5 kg (Size 19 Inches x 13 Inches)

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Product Description



  • The BIO FLAME stove is a unique solution for cooking, which produces clean and efficient heat without specialized fuels and with minimum smoke.



  • This bottom of the stove uses a small fan to draw fresh air oxygen into the combustion chamber along with wood gas resulting in a cleaner, hotter, and more efficient heat with 90% less smoke.



  • The fan can be powered through AC Adapter, Rechargeable Batteries, and Solar Panel directly (Solar Panel and Rechargeable Batteries are not included it’s an optional accessory).



  • Power capacity is below 1 to 2 Watt.



  • The BIO FLAME stove effectively burns any combustible material like wood waste, dry dung, grass sticks, and pieces of branches.



  • The BIO FLAME stove burns anything of wood category.



  • Wood combustion air is driven into a firepot to create wood-gas (smoke). This occurs in the gasification zone. More combustion air generated in the combustion zone is driven into the chamber to burn the gas with the highest efficiency.



  • The electric fan provides the combustion air in just the right amounts to produce the wood gas and burn it completely.




  • Cooking Capacity: For 50 to 200 People
  • Weight Handling Capacity: 100 to 150 kg
  • Wood feeding Capacity : 3 kg-Approx (Depend on types of wood )
  • Clean Cooking with negligible smoke (90% Smokeless)
  • Burns almost any Biofuel (Pallets, Cow Dung, Waste Wood) provided by nature.
  • SS body & SS Fire Pot for long-lasting life.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Generates controlled heat for normal cooking.
  • Aerodynamic design to reduce the power consumption of fans.
  • Two Power Inputs selection option for high & low-speed selection.
  • Variable or adjustable supports for heavy and big cooking utensils.
  • Provision for small utensils.





Technical Specifications :

Cooking Capacity:50 to 200 People
Weight Handling Capacity:100 to 150 kg
Wood feeding Capacity :3 kg-Approx (Depend on types of wood )
MaterialStainless Steel body & Stainless Steel Fire Pot
Provision for small utensils ?YES
Adjustable supports ?YES
Provision for high & low speedYES (Fix Two speed high and Low)
Power consumption1 to 2 Watt.
Stove Height :19 inch
Stove Diameter :13 inch
Stove Weight :7.5 to 8 kg

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